One of our philosophies includes maintaining thorough transparency with our customers. From our ingredients being organically certified to the specific areas that our products target and the benefits that they provide, we take a great deal of care in being completely honest and open about our practices.

We use both Sativa and Indica. These strains have different effects and different ratio’s of cannabinoids.

Heat and agitation, absolutely NO alcohol, chemicals or additives.

Our products consist of absolute organic materials. We use the plant material itself, a pure organic carrier oil and pure organic binding agent.

No, we are 100% cruelty-free.

Outdoor strains normally contain higher THC to CBD ratios, indoor growing is the other way around. Indoor growing is to manage the plant (cross breeding of strains). We are using both indoor and outdoor plant material in our oils.

Ship to them via courier, but advise that the onus is not on us if parcels are seized by customs. Some countries do not allow the import of CBD / full extraction products.

CBD / Full Extract Oil is legal for personal use.

Yes, well within the legal recommended dosage.

Two weeks to see a noticeable difference and a full three months to start to see the full effects. The longer they are taken the more healing takes place.

Our products are brown/green, the colour of Cannabis.

No, our products are a full extraction of the plant, meaning you will get to use all the goodness the plant has to offer. We have sourced our plants from professional growers. THC has healing properties that CBD doesn’t have, these two Cannabinoids work together like a team.

As with most medicines, only if you exceed our recommendation on how to use the product.

Breastfeeding mommies are producing their own cannabinoids in their breast milk. So yes, it is safe to use the products while breastfeeding, however, it is a personal choice.

  • It’s a minor Cannabinoid. The ones we are interested in are CBD & THC. Hemp is CBG. In other words, it does not have as many healing properties.

We use the entire flower/bud, to give you all the nutrients you need.

The ratios we use to produce our oils depend on the type of oils we’re making. Some oils needs more plant and others less.

It’s actually now Legal to use Cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use, so it’s his/her constitutional right to use Cannabis. Unless he/she has signed something specifically saying that he/she is not permitted to use cannabis and he/she gives them permission to randomly test him/her for Cannabis and that he/she will be dismissed if he/she is found with it in his/her system.

Frequently Used Terminology

ORALLY – Means swallowed
SUBLINGUAL – Means under the tongue, then swallowed
TOPICALLY – Means rubbed or applied on
TRANSDERMALLY  – Means applied onto skin and absorbed into the bloodstream