• Prevent premature ageing – Coconut Oil has antioxidant properties which are known to help stop skin ageing early. 
  • Smooth skin - By applying to the skin’s surface, Coconut Oil will help to keep the appearance of the skin healthy and smooth. 
  • Retain moisture –  Coconut Oil is known to help to reduce moisture loss via pores due to its natural composition of saturated fat. 
  • Heal wounds – If there is a cut or wound on the skin, applying Coconut Oil to the skin, some say that it will help in the protection of from microbial infections. 
  • Protect against cracking – Due to its Vitamin E content, Coconut Oil helps to prevent skin from cracking.
  • Help skin growth –  Oil is known to help skin growth because of its Vitamin E content. 
  • Repair wear and tear – The rejuvenating properties of the Proteins found in Coconut Oil may help the replacement of damaged cells on or near the skin..


well-known for its hydrating properties,can assist in preventing inflammation and quelling dehydration. It also balances the sebum or oil production of your skin, aids in the healing of cuts and bruises, and helps remedy acne breakouts..



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